Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Research Blog #2 - Scouting the Territory

After doing some research on my two topic ideas I feel that I am leaning towards the topic of having a part-time job in college. Although I am still not positive which topic I am going with, the reason I feel as though I am leaning towards one more than the other is the amount of research available. There seems to be a lot more about part-time work and the effects of having one in college than the benefits of being involved in Greek Life on campus. I can relate to both topics, and both are very interesting to me, it's just a matter of which one will make for a better paper. 

I did a search on the Rutgers Libraries and I found a lot of great articles pertaining to the part-time work topic. There are many different studies that have been done on students about the effects of having a part-time job in college. In addition to the research online, I think I can make some interesting connections to some of the readings we have done already in class. 

Based on what's available online I feel like I can make a good connection between part-time work and student debt. 

As for specific sources I have gathered a list of several scholarly articles I can use to make arguments in my paper. There are a lot of resources on the Rutgers Libraries Databases. 

I came across a few controversial articles related to my topic. Some articles argue that having a part-time job in college can be beneficial, but I would like to argue that having to work in college takes away from the overall college experience.


  1. I wish you would discuss specific sources. But I think you will definitely find a lot on the issues of working while in college.

  2. This is an interesting article I saw a while back:
    It discusses how part-time work used to make a significant contribution toward paying for school, but with the rise of tuition it is not really possible to pay for school with part time work. Do the math.

    I also had a student take on this topic before and his final bibliography might be helpful: